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About Valve Audio

The man behind Valve Audio was a sibling to the vast and arid, yet hauntingly beautiful and quiet part of South Africa called the Bo Karoo. Black nights with perfectly clear skies and stars so bright that it seemed you could touch them, nights spent sitting on the stoep outside inhaling the vastness of the universe. All of this was home in the formative years, when vacuum tubes were slowly being replaced by solid state...

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Valve Audio is one of the most respected names in valve amplification and our products are designed and produced in South Africa.

The Whisper, Valve Audio's phono pre-amplifier, is ready and in production. Hear what you have been missing.

Amplifier design and manufacture are we do and is our only focus.

Integrated amplifiers

More information on the Exclamé and Predator.

Pre / power combinations

The Black Widow and Genesis are exquisitely designed.

Other products

Whisper and Triton - our phono pre-amplifier and interconnect.

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