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The phono stage is often the most overlooked item in a stereo system. The low output of just about any moving coil cartridge requires low ground noise and this in turn requires a lot of gain. Why not just step up the gain then? Well, it's not that easy. But Valve Audio's new Whisper, provides lots of gain without increasing the noise floor. Selectable impedance loading allow a variety of options and combinations to suit any cartridge.

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Product highlights

The Whisper is Valve Audio's first phono stage and solves a number of problems that are often found with these units.

Moving coil and moving magnet boards can be added as the need arises and are shielded from the power supply. [ Details... ]


  • Hybrid valve phono stage for both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges
  • MC/MM boards can be ordered seperately
  • Fully balanced operation even in single ended mode
  • Low noise floor

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