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Most AV amplifiers allow very little flexibility. You have the number of channels built into the unit, the processing and decoding circuits and so on. Beyond that you have to live with what you bought. And with the increasing co-existence required by digital multi channel AV processing and analogue stereo processing, another problem rears its head - separating two very different requirements on one circuit board. Most AV amplifiers do not cater for analogue / stereo. Theatre Power now makes the AV / stereo marriage possible! [ PDF document  More information... ]

Product highlights

Introducing the Valve Audio Power Theatre 5.200 (200w) power amplifier. Here you have a unit that solves the above mentioned problems in the most simplistic of ways.

With a weight of 45kg the Theatre Power is a large unit. The dimensions are W 450, H 160, D 450 (mm) and ventilation allowance above the amplifier must be at least 100mm.


  • Non-inverting;
  • Balanced and single ended input selectable for each channel;
  • 200 Watts per channel @ 8ohm;
  • Non intrusive HFO and DC offset protection for each individual channel;
  • Face plate: 12mm 6082 grade anodized aluminium

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Theatre Power

Theatre Power