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Some rather amusing comments have been made by those picking up the Valve Audio remote control unit - amongst others that if you thew an intruder with this, he'd be quite incapable of any further attempts to rob you of your beloved Valve Audio products.

Yes, it is cut and shaped from a solid block of aluminium and it is also rather heavy by remote control unit standards. It's performance is heavy as well...

Product highlights

Four input selectors; balanced out selection; mute, power and volume up / down.

Intelligent design ensures that on switching on the amplifier, the volume pot is first turned down all the way. The remote control unit then steps in and by using the Mute button enables the product.


  • Cut and machined from a solid block of aluminium
  • Intelligent logic control
  • Only the most essential features
  • Unit works on all Valve Audio amplifiers except the Whipser phono stage

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Remote Control Unit