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Products: Triton Interconnect

The single-ended interlink is the result of hundreds of hours of painstaking development work, but the end result must vindicate that effort. At face value, the Genesis looks much like any other quality interlink, with the exception of unusual wooden bobbins at either end, inscribed with the Genesis Triton logo. Also, the goldplated RCA connectors look and feel expensive. And they are in fact eutectic brass, gold-plated units.

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Product highlights

What is really fascinating is the construction of this interlink under that innocuous black sheath. It employs a combination of silver-plated, pure-copper wire, Teflon insulation, a copper braid and aluminium screening layer, and a layer of megamide braiding. For purity, clarity, detail and transparency, this is one of the best single-ended interlins available.


  • Silver-plated, pure-copper wire
  • Teflon insulation
  • Copper braid and aluminium screening layer
  • Layer of megamide braiding

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