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Products: Genesis pre-amplifier

The Genesis pre-amplifier is a fully balanced design utilising both the 6922 and 6H30 valves in classic differential configuration. Volume control is achieved by phase cancellation using the Alps Blue Velvet volume control. Dedicated transformers for logic, low voltage and high voltage supplies.

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Product highlights

Finesse. Giving no more and no less of the music. This is your motto. The Genesis pre-amplifier is waiting to prove to you why it is such a sought after product.

If power and absolute control are the phrases that make you go that one step further, then the Genesis power amplifier is for you.


  • Dual mono design
  • Fully balanced design
  • 480 VA total toroidal power transformers
  • Tube complement: 4 x 6922, 4 x 6H30
  • Dimensions W 450, H 115, D 500 (mm)
  • Weight: 22kg

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Genesis pre-amplifier Genesis power amplifier