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Utilizing only one triode, in this execution of this plucky little amplifier, the valve is plate loaded directly by a dual pair of mosfets per channel. The power supply has also been redesigned around a new 300VA toroidal transformer and Valve Audio's High Yield Rectification (HYR), and split power rails to both channels. This greatly enhances the dynamic capabilities of the amplifier.

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Product highlights

With its near zero noise floor, this amplifier has the ability to extract micro detail and present it with absolute honesty. The added dynamics, made possible by the dual output devices as well as the greatly improved power supply capability, adds more weight and credibility to a performance which never was shy on the previous models in the range.


  • Non-inverting
  • 100 watts per channel @ 8ohm
  • Power supply: 300VA
  • Toroidal transformer
  • Tube complement 1x 6922
  • Four pairs of complementary mosfets
  • Volume potentiometer, Noble standard grade
  • Weight: 8.5kg

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