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Products: Black Widow mono amplifier

The Black Widow mono amplifier is a standard stereo unit converted to balanced bridge operation with the addition of a valve based differential input stage. This enables a delivery of 800w into 8 ohm. Provision is made for both single ended and balanced inputs.

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Product highlights

The relatively small size of a Black Widow mono amplifier extends the capability of the stereo power amplifier in that it provides much more power and better control for difficult loudspeaker loads.


  • Balanced bridge design
  • 800 watts per mono channel into 8 ohm
  • Power supply: 1000VA
  • Toroidal transformers
  • 6 Pairs of complementary mosfets
  • Tube complement: 5 x 6922
  • Faceplate: 12mm
  • Weight: 22kg

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Black Widow Power amplifier

Black Widow Power Amplifier

Black Widow Power Amplifier